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76 Royal Hospital Road

Chelsea, London


United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7349 9909 +44 (0)7973 112967 info@shahbazafridi.com.

Based in London and established for over twenty-five years, Shahbaz Afridi has acquired a sophisticated collection of fine Oriental and European carpets, and outstanding examples of some of the most defining objects in the history of twentieth-century design from lighting to furniture. Carpets ground a room and provide the stage for the interplay of furnishings and colour. A reed-and-leather carpet by a Tuareg nomad and a piece of furniture by Pierre Chareau both display the same clean lines and unusual materials. It is this dialogue between objects, and the harmony that results when they are attuned to the same spirit, that is central to Afridi’s philosophy for his gallery. Those interested in seeing more examples of Afridi carpets and furnishings, and the inspiring connections that exist between them, are encouraged to visit the gallery itself at 76 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea.


Shahbaz Afridi established his reputation with fine Oriental and European carpets dating from the seventeenth to the late nineteenth century. Over the years he has been gradually refining the quality and adding to the range of the collection, which today includes examples of the art of the carpet from nomadic craft to courtly splendour, and rugs designed by twentieth-century artists.


Afridi also specialises in twentieth-century design, concentrating on the defining objects of the great innovative designers, who realised the potential for beauty in the new materials and techniques of their time. Ranging from lighting to furniture by such names as Carlo Mollino, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Guariche, these objects have much in common with the best examples of carpet making in their mastery of the raw material and skilful resolution of the technical challenges.


Afridi Gallery offers its clients the following services, for which quotations are available upon request:

  • Bespoke Carpets
  • Conservation
  • Interior Design